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May 7, 2024
It's no secret that veterinary professionals are under a lot of stress. From long working hours to the emotional toll of caring for sick and injured...

Topic: Telemedicine

17 Aug 2022

Charging what you're worth: How to set veterinary telemedicine fees

Veterinary telemedicine offers numerous advantages for both clients and teams. Not only does it improve your clients’ access to their veterinarian,...

12 Jul 2022

How and when (and when not) to use telemedicine in your practice

Although telemedicine has been a topic of discussion in veterinary practice for years, the percentage of veterinary practices offering telehealth...

28 Apr 2022

6 ways your practice should "go digital" today

Covid has accelerated technology adoption in the veterinary clinic. Here are the best examples of solutions that can add real value to your practice...

14 Jul 2021

What is veterinary telehealth or telemedicine?

What is veterinary telehealth or telemedicine? What should a clinic evaluate when considering veterinary telemedicine services and providing...

7 Feb 2021

Modern veterinary business – trends

The last few years have brought considerable changes in many industry sectors. New restrictions created demand on the veterinary market as well, and...

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