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Provet Cloud
Business Intelligence

The key to practice growth is data-informed decision-making

Veterinary practices produce data that offers insights into clinic efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Provet Cloud Business Intelligence – a suite of tools within your cloud-based veterinary software – puts those insights at your fingertips.


Data made actionable

Access built-in data visualization tools to generate dashboards to share throughout the organization.


Reporting made easy

Out-of-the-box reports help you draw real-time insights from your data and evaluate KPIs.


In-practice analysis

An easy-to-learn BI solution removes the need for outsourced data specialists or business analysts.


360-degree view of practice health

Leverage data insights to improve care, enhance the client experience, close gaps in efficiency, and grow your business.

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Benefits of Provet Cloud Business Intelligence


Spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time managing your practice with real-time financial, client, and staff KPIs


Identify development opportunities in your business based on root-cause analysis, comparisons, and time series analysis


Involve and engage all practice personnel in transforming your business with clear, visual, and up-to-date interactive reports

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