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Beyond Vetvision: A Danish clinic finds new features (and familiar faces) with Provet Cloud

"One of the big reasons we switched to Provet Cloud is because we knew that the support would be amazing."

Klarup Dyreklinik is a small companion-animal practice in Klarup, Denmark. Trine Moller, DVM, became owner when the clinic was using Vetvision as its practice management system, but the software wasn’t capable of automating many of the tasks she wanted it to. After trying out one cloud-based system, she finally switched to Provet Cloud, which had all the tools she needed – and excellent support.


Not long after Trine Moller, DVM, took over ownership of Klarup Dyreklinik in Klarup, Denmark in 2019, she realized that the practice management system they were using – called Vetvision – was a problem.

“Because it’s a very old system, there were just a lot of things it couldn’t do, and I couldn’t even wrangle it into doing what I wanted it to,” she says.

As the practice’s new owner, Moller wanted to be able to automate more routine tasks, to manage online booking more easily, and especially to integrate external lab results into their system – none of which Vetvision was capable of doing, despite the high level of customer support she received.

"I started looking for a more agile system."

Moller hoped that she had found a better solution – a cloud-based system built by a small Danish company. And for two years, she and her team found some of their challenges resolved. But when any issues with the new system arose, such as problems with its accounting function, Moller says she struggled to get the answers she needed.

“When something went wrong, their support team would try to assure me that they would do something about it,” she says. “But then nothing happened.”

Fortunately, Moller hadn’t lost touch with her account manager from Vetvision, whose company Nordhealth was preparing to launch its new cloud-based software, Provet Cloud, in Denmark by the end of 2022. She says, “I called her up and asked, ‘How soon can I change over to your cloud-based solution?’”

"I was impressed with how many automations I could build into Provet Cloud."

It didn’t take Moller long to sign up for Provet Cloud. Apart from its modern, friendly user interface and “massive number of settings to play around with,” she says, “the main reason we changed to Provet Cloud is because we knew the support would be amazing.”

After successful data migration – including the first time the clinic’s appointment calendar migrated to a new system without issue – and a thorough team onboarding experience, Moller sees both immediate benefits and a lot of potential in Provet Cloud’s core features.

  • External lab integration

“External lab integration is great,” she says, describing how easy it is to make lab requisitions through Provet Cloud. And as soon as results come in, an automated reminder lets her know to call the client about those results. “And it all goes directly into the patient record!”

  • Client communication

Communicating with clients is more streamlined, too. When a client calls and Moller pulls up their record, she is able to perform every task – record notes about the call, make a new appointment, create a prescription – all within the patient record. “I have one place where I can find and do everything for the patient – I don’t have to jump around,” she says. “Even better, I can have different tabs open and work with multiple patients at the same time.”And when it comes to emailing clients, all can be done within the patient record. “Now my inbox is not as overflowing as it used to be!” says Moller.

  • Bundled-item invoicing

Bundling items for invoicing is also “a big feature for us.” Moller loves that she can automate which items should be included on an invoice. For example, a pre-set vaccination list will automatically add certain items to the bill, leaving her the option to add or subtract other items as needed. 

As Moller and team grow more familiar with Provet Cloud, she looks forward to making more use of its extensive set of features, including text templates for common clinical notes, discharge instructions, and other client education materials.

"It's much easier for new employees to learn Provet Cloud."

Moller knows from experience that new practice management systems take time and patience to learn. Provet Cloud allows her team to gradually become more proficient without compromising care or client service.

“Vetvision had a much steeper learning curve,” she says. “With Provet Cloud, you can start with the small things, like making an appointment, and build from there.”

At a time when Klarup Dyreklinik has experienced some staff shortage and heightened stress, Moller is relieved by the efficiencies and automations that Provet Cloud enables. And whenever additional help or training is needed, she confirms, “The support team has always been great.”


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