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Horse in the cloud: How an equine veterinarian in Denmark found more flexibility in Provet Cloud

“The fact that you know the system I’m going from and the system I’m going to…makes me feel safe as a customer.”

Norets Hestepraksis is a small equine veterinary practice in Denmark, owned and run by veterinarian Sisse Holm-Thomsen. After 10 years using Vetvision as her practice management system, Sisse realized she needed more flexibility and functionality as her practice grew. Switching to Provet Cloud brought time-saving benefits, and it meant she could keep the same sales and support relationships, making the transition that much easier.


As she travels between appointments, equine veterinarian Sisse Holm-Thomsen is accustomed to working from her car.

Stopping in a parking lot, she pulls out her tablet to update charts or finalize invoices before moving on to her next patient. “I really rely on remote access to my practice software,” she says.

Sisse began her practice, Norets Hestepraksis based in central Denmark, in 2010, and for most of that time she has used Vetvision, a server-based practice software, to manage her caseload.

But when practice growth enabled her to hire an assistant veterinarian in 2022, she realized Vetvision lacked some of the tools she needed to manage a more complex appointment calendar.

It also became clear that Vetvision lacked the needed flexibility to operate efficiently across multiple devices.

And then, Sisse says, “the opportunity came along to switch to a smoother system.”

“The faster we could get to Provet Cloud, the better.”

Sisse didn’t have to go far to find the right solution – a cloud-based practice management software that not only solved her challenges but offered additional time-saving tools.

Through her Vetvision account manager, Helle Wied, she learned about Provet Cloud, which had recently become available in Denmark from the same solution provider. “Because I had been working well with Helle for so long,” Sisse says, “I knew it would be better for me to choose a new system that wouldn’t require me to build a whole new relationship.”

While they transitioned to the new system, both Sisse and her assistant maintained a full patient load, and there were times when they needed to access Vetvision to retrieve information. “When there were issues I couldn’t resolve, it was so reassuring to have Helle who can access everything and who knows both systems.”

Sisse says the same about the customer support team, which remained the same in the transition. “Because they know both systems and already know us and where our problems would be – even where it might be difficult when we start on Provet Cloud – makes me feel safe as a customer.”

In the saddle with Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud delivered immediate benefits to Norets Hestepraksis.


Appointment booking is much easier to do remotely and collaboratively, Sisse says, saving a lot of time. “It’s nice that when we have a patient that requires both of us, I can book that appointment without the risk of double-booking ourselves.”

The booking tool also allows them to color-code appointments by type, making them quick to distinguish at a glance.

Patient location

When it comes to locating her patients – sometimes a little challenging to find the barn in a rural setting – the Google Maps feature that is built into the patient record can be a time-saver.

Invoicing and payments

Provet Cloud’s invoicing and payment functions are much more streamlined than Vetvision’s, and Sisse discovered how much her clients prefer being able to submit payment electronically. “They are quite okay to pay via MobilePay, and they’re generally faster to send payment now.”

Supplier pricing

With Vetvision, when it came time to reorder medications or supplies, Sisse had to go in search of pricing information. “I like that now I can access my suppliers through Provet Cloud and see the most up-to-date pricing.”

Always learning on the go

As much as Sisse has gained from switching to Provet Cloud, she acknowledges that it’s a learning process to become even more proficient in the system – and to continue to reap its benefits.

Given the strength of her relationship with Provet Cloud’s sales and support teams, Sisse is confident she’ll discover the shortcuts that will keep saving her time, whether she’s working from her car or seeing patients in the barn.


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