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We’re starting the year in style – with some very noticeable improvements to Provet Cloud.  

March 2023 will see the release of the first phase of our design update.  And over the coming months, Provet Cloud will start to look very different as we begin to roll out improvements to our user interface.

Our overall goal is to provide our users with the best possible experience through software that is intuitive, streamlined, and simple to use.

To learn more about our long-term vision for Provet Cloud, read this short blog from our VP of Product, Fabio Carneiro.

For more information on what's coming soon, read on below!

So what can you expect in the first phase?

At this early stage, the changes are all visual. You’ll immediately notice a different colour palette, along with redesigned and standardised action buttons and navigation items.

There is science behind these changes!  Our main objective is to improve legibility and the overall user experience by drawing attention to important information, reducing visual fatigue, and making content more accessible.

Our short video provides a sneak preview of what's coming in phase 1 of our design updates, which will be going live in our 1.103 release.

HubSpot Video

For now, everything within the navigation will remain where it is, but the next phase of development will include a new navigation system and improvements to workflows.

Watch out for our email and in-product updates to keep abreast of future improvements to Provet Cloud, including when these changes go live.

We hope you like what you see – please let us have your feedback using the form at the foot of this page!

"We’re working on refining every aspect – every pixel – of the UI to ensure that you’re able to carry out your work and provide the best care possible without confusion and unnecessary hassle."

Hear from Fabio Carneiro, our VP of Product, to learn more about what we're redesigning - and why.


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