Petmeddata becomes the world's most comprehensive pets’ health database

Petmeddata, electronic storage of pets’ health and clinical history, was launched in Finland in late 2018. Petmeddata makes it easier to treat animals holistically.

“By using Petmeddata, the owner always has the pet’s medical records with them, even if they go to a new clinic. And the vet will be able to read in an easy-to-read form what has been done to the animal in the past. There is no need to carry hand-written or printed papers,” says Project Manager Eva Kaisti.

Petmeddata shows, for example, discharge instructions, drugs and laboratory values in chronological order.

Security issues have been carefully considered. The animal owner decides who can see the pet's information. If the owner shares the profile to a new clinic, you can at different clinics see the most important sections of the clinical history in Provet’s Patient history.

Clinic staff also see the owner's own entries, texts and pictures.

No one can see the price and payment information, nor the notes of the animal clinic.

Important partners are researchers who can use anonymous animal data. The animal name or microchip will never appear anywhere. For example, based on anonymous health information, researchers can develop new treatments or medicines.

For animal owners and animal clinics, the system is free. Partners are charged a fee to provide their services in the system.

In Finland, Petmeddata has been received with enthusiasm. At the clinics, the deployment of Petmeddata is easy. In March, it will become a standard feature for Provet Cloud, and clinics around the world will be able to use it.


Saara Liespuu

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