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Provet Cloud runs on a solid and scalable platform

The Provet Cloud mission is to create a reliable, fast and easy-to-use veterinary practice management software that helps users save time and focus on what matters most—caring for their patients and growing their business. In order to accomplish that mission we need to utilize the best possible resources when developing Provet Cloud. That is why we have chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the platform of Provet Cloud. In December 2020 we completed transferring all Provet Cloud customers to AWS.

Amazon is the world's leading provider of cloud services. It is used by the world’s largest companies, agile startups and public sector organizations. We have had years of good experience of leveraging Amazons services as the platform of our products.

Provet Cloud is powered by a high availability, auto-scaling cloud architecture built on Amazon Web Services.  “AWS gives us possibilities to scale server resources very easily, efficiently and most importantly, automatically. System monitors its load constantly, and whenever there is a need for more resources, the system automatically increases the amount of resources. However during night time the system automatically scales down the needed resources”, commented our Platform team leader Julius Leppälä, who is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.

App instances

This graph shows how the amount of web application servers vary during the day

We’re utilizing the possibility of having different hosting sites at different geographical locations. It gives our customers the lowest possible latency when using the system which means that the system works fast and reliably. 

Provet Cloud updates are automatically deployed. It means that users don’t need to do anything to install the updates. Our experienced platform team takes care of everything for our customers.  This ensures that all updates are always installed for our end users with a well-planned timetable.


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