Provet Cloud has launched business intelligence services

Business intelligence (BI) is about utilising the daily performance data from your company's regular operations to support management's decision-making processes.


Our BI service package is an easy-to-use visual and interactive online reporting tool. It is designed to be used as a part of a veterinary clinic’s everyday decision-making and forward planning processes. By combining information from consultations, invoicing, diagnoses, and other patient and client segments, we provide a comprehensive and current analysis of your business and service performance. The reports are then available through a secure and easy-to-use online platform.

Through our BI services, you have the tools to review key metrics of business performance and patient care, as well as the trending progression of data points such as billing, consultations, and work shifts. In addition, you can easily view service production over selected periods of time, customer groups, forms of care, and compare the development of different services against set goals. Furthermore, our BI tool can be used not only to support growth of your business from a financial perspective, but also to encourage and improve customer and employee satisfaction rates, as well as the quality and effectiveness of care.

When compared to business reporting services provided by accounting firms, our BI tool allows you to delve deeper and interact more closely with your data, allowing you to always remain current on your business’ performance evaluations. Numerous spreadsheets along with tedious hours of updating reports are items of the past. As a result of the interactive data platform, you are able to generate business performance forecasts, as well as analyse specific performance trends. Provet Cloud’s BI tool is accessible through any device supporting a web browser, meaning it is always readily available at your convenience.

Our goal is to provide a business intelligence service that supports the growth of your business and lends itself as an integral service our Provet Cloud family offers. You are encouraged to reach out to our BI professionals, as they can give you many examples of how our BI tools can be used to monitor and analyse your company’s performance to find areas to expand and enhance, as well as set achievable goals for growth in terms of both profit and quality of care.

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