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The future of Provet Cloud

The future of Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud veterinary practice management solution was launched in 2014. Provet Cloud was built leveraging our company’s extensive 30+ year history developing practice management software for veterinary clinics. The fuel that feeds and drives our innovation is our empathy and understanding of our users and their needs. We frequently visit with and listen carefully to our users so we are able to continuously grow and refine our understanding of their daily workflows and challenges. We use this information to develop new features, and enhance existing features to optimise daily workflows. We'd like to highlight some main areas of Provet Cloud that we see as important to note when discussing the future of Provet Cloud.

Faster workflows

Our users want to complete their most common workflows efficiently and accurately. Based on our interviews our users want to:

  • Accomplish workflows with as few clicks/inputs/scrolling as possible
  • Navigate between different areas with one click or with keyboard shortcuts
  • When working with a specific patient/client either in reception or in treatment rooms, see all relevant information either on the same page or one click/keyboard shortcut away

To achieve this goal, we are currently working with different users (veterinarians, nurses, receptionists & admins) to refine our understanding of what are their most common workflows and work with our growing design team to optimize their essential workflows. Making the most common workflows as smooth as possible is our #1 goal.

Easy, flexible payments

We want to make it simple and quick for receptionists to charge their customers using modern payment methods. The payment process for a veterinary clinic visit is not as simple as a payment of a purchase from a kiosk. Payments for a visit may include multiple payment methods such as card & cash payments, invoices, insurance, prepayment or deposits. In the coming months, we will be launching our significantly improved payment experience in Provet Cloud. The new service will not only allow users to take payments more efficiently, but also offer more flexibly, including online payments, recurring payments, securely saving tokenized credit card information as well as seamless integration with physical card payment terminals.

Other new exciting features in our development roadmap

We are are planning some exciting new features in our development roadmap including:

  • Dental record charts with extended markup functionalities
  • Chat functionalities to improve internal communication
  • Standard of care features
  • Digitizing anesthesia monitoring sheets