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Why a small Danish clinic switched from Sanimalis to Provet Cloud

"Using Provet Cloud is like going into paradise."

Dyreklinikken Viby SJ in Denmark, owned by veterinarian Niels Filtenborg-Barnkob, has been caring for small animals for three decades. Over that time, Niels realized the need for more efficient record-keeping as well as tools that could automate tasks in his busy practice. Turning to cloud-based Provet Cloud, he created the practice management system that he wanted.


Niels Filtenborg-Barnkob, owner and veterinarian at Dyreklinikken Viby SJ in Denmark, began his practice from scratch more than 30 years ago, providing care to mostly dogs and cats in a small village community. 

As the only doctor on staff, Niels has long known the importance of making patient information available to his team. “Because I’m the only veterinarian and I keep everything in my head, I must keep things written down so the nurse and clinic assistant can understand our clients’ needs.”

Therefore, he adds, “it’s very important for us to have a practice management system that works.”

Looking for shortcuts that don't exist

Five years ago, Niels bought his practice’s first electronic system for keeping records – a server-based software called Sanimalis – which made it easier for him to record and access patient information. But the more familiar he became with Sanimalis, the more he was aware of its limitations.

“I wanted to make a lot of shortcuts to make my day easier,” he says. “because some of the roads were very long from one point to another. But it was not possible to rewrite or reconfigure the system.”

Niels also grew frustrated with how long it took to retrieve and import imaging and lab results into the patient record. “It had to be done manually. I couldn’t even email it to myself.”

When he heard that Nordhealth, which owns Sanimalis, was preparing to make a cloud-based system available in Denmark, Niels was enthusiastic. “I told them, put me at the top of the list!”

All roads lead to Provet Cloud

Niels recalls the first time he was introduced to Provet Cloud, and he laughs. “My first impression was seeing how much there would be to learn! But I could also see that it was very intuitive to use. It’s very logical.”

He knew right away that those “long roads” in Sanimalis would be much shorter in Provet Cloud – and that there was more ability to customize the functions according to his preferences. “I very much wanted to have my own personal touch in this new system.”

Just as important as its customizability, Provet Cloud’s remote accessibility was a significant benefit. “It means I can be in contact with the system everywhere, anytime,” Niels says. “I’m not bound to one computer. I can be with my client in the exam room or sitting in my house on my iPad – so I have access 24/7.”

Niels was ready to make the switch to Provet Cloud, and after a smooth implementation and training experience, his practice went live in April 2023.

Automations create big time savings

With Provet Cloud configured exactly how he wants it, Niels has improved everything from client experience to practice revenue – and he’s saving time.

⭐ The patient record in Provet Cloud is not only a more complete source of information, it serves as a hub for client communications. “We use a lot of photographs in the consultation and in operations, and when I send anything to the client, the files are automatically in the patient record.”

⭐ A lab results integration also allows him to automatically import large files directly into the patient record in Provet Cloud.

⭐ Another automation delivers considerable time savings for Niels. “When I select an appointment reason for each patient, Provet Cloud will automatically generate the item bundle needed for that consultation. This saves me up to five minutes per patient – that’s a lot of time.”

Overall, he says, Provet Cloud has proven to be “a very big upgrade. It’s like going into paradise.”

The possibilities are endless

As Niels looks to the future of his practice, he sees even more enhancements that he can build into Provet Cloud. His plans include a telemedicine function, patient health plans, and faster, more flexible payments through Provet Pay. All of these additional tools can be integrated directly into the system.

And as Nordhealth moves forward with its plans to retire the Sanimalis software, Niels is confident that other practices will find the same (if not even more) benefits than he has found in Provet Cloud. 

“Change now,” is his advice. “It may be difficult to learn a new system, but it’s worth it. I’m so glad I did this.”


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