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Provet Cloud reflects on outstanding year of global growth

Provet Cloud reflects on outstanding year of global growth

The veterinary software platform closes out a strong 2022 with growth in over 30 countries

DENVER, Colo. – December, 19, 2022 – Provet Cloud, the modular cloud-based practice management solution from Nordhealth, marked the company’s continued momentum moving into the new year with expanded partnerships, improvements to technology offerings and growth in key markets, such as North America and Europe. Provet Cloud, working alongside veterinary industry leaders, universities, and solution providers, is poised for greater expansion while remaining steadfast to its commitment to clinics and pet owners.

Provet Cloud continues to expand its international presence beyond the Nordics. This year, Provet Cloud entered into new agreements with two world-renowned universities: Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge, England, and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, West Indies. Provet Cloud also expanded partnerships with CVS Group, one of the largest integrated veterinary service providers in the U.K. In total, these agreements propelled the number of users of Provet Cloud to over 20,000 in 31 countries. Provet Cloud trailblazed cloud-based solution adoption by veterinarians and veterinary universities by showcasing the value and need for a solution that streamlines administrative operations, enabling veterinary professionals to focus priorities on patient care.

“Practices and universities teaching our future veterinarians need more than just passionate caregivers,” said Scott Goodsir-Smyth, VP of Growth U.S. & U.K. “They need a cloud-based solution that provides relief from administrative operations, such as appointment scheduling, client communication, and inventory management. Our open API provides practice management solutions that are scalable and tailored to fit individual practice needs.”

Provet Cloud also invested in groundbreaking thought leadership, publishing a Digital Adoption Report in the UK, analyzing industry attitudes and trends related to technology adoption, as well as a comprehensive new eBook exploring the crisis of stress and burnout impacting veterinary teams around the world. Provet Cloud is utilizing these insights to understand the inner workings of its customers and what they require from a practice management solution. The research takes the needs of veterinarians, technicians, and pet owners into consideration when examining the veterinary industry.

This year, Provet Cloud solidified key integration partnerships with Cubex and Weave, and, with its unique open API feature, is working to launch additional strategic partnerships in the US with AllyDVM, Zoetis, and more. Provet Cloud’s full slate of functions, integrations, and automations provides practices with efficiency-building tools, accessible from anywhere within the cloud.

In addition to a year of exceptional growth and momentum for the company, Nordhealth’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Janne Huttunen, was recognized as the Finnish Software Entrepreneur of the Year, acknowledging the strength of Nordhealth’s leadership team to further propel Provet Cloud in the global veterinary industry.

To learn more about how Nordhealth and Provet Cloud can positively impact veterinary care, visit provet.cloud.

About Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud is a purpose-built veterinary Practice Management System designed to streamline and simplify the day-to-day running of veterinary practices, hospitals, and universities. Easy-to-use, configurable, and cloud-based, it saves time so vets can focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional care, improving customer service, and growing their business. Learn more at provet.cloud.

About Nordhealth

Nordhealth is on a mission to redefine healthcare with innovative, simplified software products embraced by thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of patients around the world. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Nordhealth's leading veterinary practice management solution, Provet Cloud, combines smart design, custom integrations, and best-in-class customer support to help veterinarians save time, improve the client experience, and deliver exceptional care.


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