Product updates

Linked items 23 Sep, 2020

What's New - September 2020

Two-factor authentication In this release we have developed a new feature to improve the security of Provet Cloud. Administrator users can now...

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User interface 19 Aug, 2020

What's New - August 2020

User interface changes and improvements During the summer months we have focused on improving the look and feel of Provet Cloud to increase ease...

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Electronic signature 23 Jun, 2020

What's New - June 2020

Electronic signature One of the most significant changes in this release is an entirely new feature for electronic signatures. The Electronic...

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telemedicine 27 May, 2020

What's New – May 2020

More flexibility for customising the appointment calendar

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Product updates 28 Apr, 2020

What's New – April 2020

Automatic diagnosis linked to an item Entirely new feature has been developed to support automatic diagnoses based on the items added into...

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Product updates 20 Apr, 2020

What's New – March 2020

New text editor One of the more highly-anticipated enhancements in this release is the implementation of a new text editor, one that has a number of...

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Product updates 19 Feb, 2020

What's New – February 2020

Health plans now available in multiple departments that share their item list. More and more clinics are using our Health Plans feature to provide...

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Product updates 17 Jan, 2020

What's New – January 2020

Possibility to change prescribed item’s name Currently, prescriptions can be written only to items in stock. We had several customers voicing a...

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Product updates 11 Dec, 2019

What's New – December 2019

This version of Provet Cloud contains several bug fixes and behind the scenes enhancements. It also includes the following new features:

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